YummY's F A Q 's

What does YummY's serve? We are a funnel cake truck serving funnel cakes and other fried desserts and sweet treats.. 

What is a funnel cake? A funnel cake consists of deep frying a "pancake" like batter in a swirly zig zag pattern until golden brown on both sides. It's like the cousin to the pancake and doughnut

Does a funnel cake have dairy products? Yes, our batter contains dairy products. . 

Is YummY's vegan? Not yet! 

How can I book YummY's? Fill out our contact form or send us an email to info@yummysfunnelcakes.com 

Where is the funnel cake truck? Please check our social media @yummysfunnelcakes  for the most up to date location information. 

How do I reheat my cake? We recommend placing the order into the oven or air fryer if you have one. If you choose not to refrigerate your cake, make sure to store it in an air tight container for up to 2 days.